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Team Kapturly

This is Team Kapturly. We're the bread & butter. The secret sauce. We're the pros behind the lenses, lights, & mics.
We arrive early, stay late, and are great at what we do. Built on personable communication and relationships, Team is exactly what we are.


More than a Shot

We're creators. Visionaries. More than just a shooter, but a shooter at heart. Team Kapturly is expression. Capturing rare emotions, moments, and encounters. Shots that give more than what's on the lens.

Join the Team

Talented at what you do? Love being part of love stories? Send in your stuff. We're always looking for gifted shooters like you.


Working with Clients

When should I communicate with the client?

  • As soon as you are assigned to a project, you will receive confirmation emails and texts from Kapturly requesting that you reach out to the client within 24 hours.
  • The client will receive similar communication and will be expecting you to reach out.

How do I communicate with the client?

  • Once you have been assigned to a project, you will receive confirmation emails and texts from Kapturly with the client’s information, event details, and other relevant information. Refer to these details when communicating with the client.

What if a client asks me to stay longer than what I was scheduled for?

  • If a client requests that you stay for additional hours, simply confirm that the client will pay for those additional hours. Inform Kapturly of those additional hours and we will bill the client and ensure that you are paid accordingly.

Working with Kapturly

Where do I download BidShak?

What is BidShak?

  • Bidshak is Kapturly’s bidding platform that allows team members to bid on projects.

How do I know if I win a bid?

  • You will receive email and text confirmations from Kapturly providing you with details for the client and their event.

What if I have an emergency and can't make it to my scheduled event?

  • We understand that emergencies happen. It is Kapturly’s policy that in the event of any emergency, proof is provided to Kapturly regarding the situation.
  • In the event of a valid emergency, Kapturly will provide an alternate team for the event.
  • In the event of a valid or invalid emergency, it is your responsibility to help Kapturly find a replacement team to fill your spot.
  • In the event of an invalid no-show, the team member will incur a $100 charge or the difference between their anticipated pay and the pay for the replacement team (whichever is greater).
*Note that double booking yourself does not constitute as an emergency.

Does the lowest bid on BidShak always win?

  • Not necessarily. Prior to winning a bid, we review the number of projects each person has been awarded and so that we can spread the love.
  • Additionally, following an event, our editing team gives your raw content an internal rating. We consider these ratings in awarding future projects.

How do I upload raw media?

  • 2 weeks prior to an event, you will receive email and text confirmations from Kapturly that will contain a Media Upload Link. You must:
    • Sign in to Kapturly's Upload Google Account using the below credentials:
      • Username:
      • Password: Kapturly2021!
    • Click on the Media Upload Link provided
    • Upload all content
      • Do NOT upload any zipped or compressed files
      • Upload only unedited content

Do I have to sign a Non-Compete to Shoot for Kapturly?

  • Nope! We want to help build up your skills and portfolio by shooting for Kapturly.


How do I get paid?

  • In order to receive payments, you MUST have filled out the Kapturly Personal Information form found here:
  • You will only need to complete this form once. Kapturly makes payments on the 1st and 3rd Thursday's of each month. You will receive an email from our payment processor, Melio, to confirm and accept your payments via ACH or check.

How often do I get paid?

  • Kapturly processes Team payments on the 1st and 3rd Thursday's of each month.

Training & More

Will Kapturly fill my entire calendar for me?

We can! Just reach out to discuss opportunities:

What other opportunities are there to shoot with Kapturly?

  • Not yet, but more is on the way. Stay tuned!

What training does Team Kapturly offer?

  • Check back soon! Our Team Kapturly coursework is being developed and will launch shortly.